Company Introduction

Mango TV is the core market entity of Hunan Broadcasting System,it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mango Media, and is the only internet enterprise of Hunan Broadcasting System and Mango Media striving to develop the online video industry. The company exclusively holds all of Hunan Broadcasting System’s internet business qualifications (including multiple video platforms, channels, and terminals, as well as news, culture, publication, program production, and value-added telecom business development rights and commercial rights). It also exclusively enjoys the copyright works of Hunan Broadcasting System and Hunan Satellite TV (including TV programming, TV series, films, music, and large-scale events) Information Network Broadcasting Rights.

The company was established in 2006 and we started our business from Golden Eagle Networks and Hunan Satellite TV value-added telecom service. Through continual expansion in the realms of fan economy and new media arena, over the past eight years the “Mango TV” brand has been successfully established. In April 2014, obtained full support from Hunan Broadcasting System and Mango Media to develop internet video business by taking the “Mango Exclusive broadcast” strategy as an important opening to focus on the two core businesses of Mango video and Mango Internet TV.

The company’s headquarters are located in Changsha, Hunan within the Golden Eagle Movie & TV Cultural City and include a Convention & Exhibition Center first office area, a Saint Tropez second office area, and a police badge barracks third office area. It has also established a Beijing division---a fourth office at East Gate Plaza.

History of Development

Management Team

Zhang Yong /

Zhang Yong
Mr. Zhang, member of CPC, senior engineer; used to be deputy director of Hunan TV Entertainment Channel, director of Program Marketing Center of Hunan Broadcasting Station, President Assitant of Hunan Broadcasting Station and director of Production Operation Center. August, 2012, Mr. Zhang was appointed as the Board Member and the General Manager of Mango Media; August, 2017, appointed as the Chairman of Mango TV. Now, He also served as the Chairman of Shanghai EE-Media Co.,Ltd, Board Member of Happigo Home Shopping Co.,Ltd, Executive Board Member of Mango Studios.

Cai Huaijun / CEO

Liu Chenliang / Executive Vice President

Huang Dong / CTO

Bo Linsi / Vice President

Xie Lin / Vice President

Yi Keming / Vice President

Cheng Hongrong / Vice President

Yuan Ganghong / Vice President

  • Mango TV’s 2nd “Fight for Mastery” Friendship Badminton Match
    Mango TV’s 2nd “Fight for Mastery” Friendship Badminton Match

    In March, Mango TV held the Friendship Badminton Match that lasted a month. All employees joined the match and fought for the champion tile for their respective department. This match has helped enhanced the cohesion of departments and provided an opportunity for employees to demonstrate their youthful vigor.

  • The Make-up Club
    The Make-up Club

    With a series of club activities holding successfully one after another, the Make-up club also shares some lessons about beauty and discuss the topic of how to be an elegant and professional business lady.

  • I Am the Queen
    I Am the Queen

    On March 8, Mango Xiaoguanjia did something nice for the female employees of the Company. Each female employee was given a bucket of popcorn and a coke to watch the film in the cinema booked by the Company. Making meticulous preparations to celebrate each holiday, Mango Xiaoguanjia warms everyone’s heart.

  • Interactive Games Electrified the Event
    Interactive Games Electrified the Event

    For the lottery-drawing at the Annual Meeting this year, adventurous game videos were used to introduce related projects of the Company. Employees were required to answer the questions within the time limit. Those who had the right answers would split the awards for the part. All employees were actively involved to electrify the event!

  • Little Butler Foretaste Team
    Little Butler Foretaste Team

    The benefits of company work card upgrades to “Little Butler Foretaste Team”, which let part of employees have the chance to negotiate the discount of restaurants and enjoy the freely foretaste benefit.

  • Exchange

    Mango TV new and old staff exchange meeting is actually a big party, and a conflict between freshmen and seniors. They had snacks, red tea, and displayed team friendships.

  • Go Manio 2017
    Go Manio 2017

    For the 2017 Annual Meeting, Mango TV first had the MC play adventurous games as Manio and Manijo. The new form heated the whole event.

  • Sports meeting
    Sports meeting

    Mango TV represents Hunan Broadcasting System to take part in the provincial sports meeting.

  • Basketball club
    Basketball club

    To enjoy the spare time life, some basketball amateurs in Mango TV group a team. With the active organization of the leader, they often play friendly match with other companies.

  • Glorious Youth
    Glorious Youth

    Keeping the industry-leading innovative spirit of Hunan Broadcasting System alive, Mango TV has overcome difficulties and delivered marked achievements in content, product, technology, operation, advertising, media assets, hardware and credit security! The 13 innovative projects received the highest praise at the annual meeting!

  • Football Club
    Football Club

    To response the call of Labor union, the energetic football team of Mango TV takes part in the third five-player football match of Hunan Broadcasting System.

  • Employee’s welfare
    Employee’s welfare

    To improve the utilization ratio of employee’s card, the company cooperated with a number of merchants to offer many benefits of clothing, eating, and living to employees. All the staff in, as long as showing the cards, can enjoy cooperators’ special discounts.

  • Team Sports
    Team Sports

    To activate organizational culture atmosphere, all the departments conduct competitive activities in succession.

  • Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas

    Early morning on Christmas Day, Saint Claus is presenting the gifts to the staff with bursts of laughter.

  • Lecture Room
    Lecture Room

    “Lecture Room” is technically established by, which aims to become a happy base of employees’ learning, communicating, sharing, and training.

  • All-People Movement’s Month
    All-People Movement’s Month

    To emphasis on humanistic care of company and release employees’ working pressure, Mango TV launched a theme month activity called: “All-People Movement, Crazy Youth”.

  • Chopsticks love
    Chopsticks love

    November 11, a good opportunity for the single, Mango-keeper hosts an interesting party for the unmarried boys and girls.Onlythe boy exchange his lollipop for another chopstick of the pair from the girl can he has lunch.

  • Mango TV Party Branch
    Mango TV Party Branch

    To improve the common sense and be a pioneer of a Party Member, Mango TV Party Branch go to zunyi, a sacred revolutionary shrine, to investigate and study.

  • League of Legends
    League of Legends

    To relive the working pressure of employees, enrich their sparetime, improve team working ability and corporate cohesion, organized members to conducted League of Legends E-sport.

  • Glorious YearsLiterary Club
    Glorious YearsLiterary Club

    Mango TV Glorious YearsLiterary Club invites Mr. Tu Jianjun, the first 5 sessions’director of Aesthetic Education TeachingInstitute of Higher Education Academy of China, to share the human nature and human sympathy in love story with the literary amateurs.