Company Introduction

Mango TV is the core market entity of Hunan Broadcasting System,it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mango Media, and is the only internet enterprise of Hunan Broadcasting System and Mango Media striving to develop the online video industry. The company exclusively holds all of Hunan Broadcasting System’s internet business qualifications (including multiple video platforms, channels, and terminals, as well as news, culture, publication, program production, and value-added telecom business development rights and commercial rights). It also exclusively enjoys the copyright works of Hunan Broadcasting System and Hunan Satellite TV (including TV programming, TV series, films, music, and large-scale events) Information Network Broadcasting Rights.

The company was established in 2006 and we started our business from Golden Eagle Networks and Hunan Satellite TV value-added telecom service. Through continual expansion in the realms of fan economy and new media arena, over the past eight years the “Mango TV” brand has been successfully established. In April 2014, obtained full support from Hunan Broadcasting System and Mango Media to develop internet video business by taking the “Mango Exclusive broadcast” strategy as an important opening to focus on the two core businesses of Mango video and Mango Internet TV.

The company’s headquarters are located in Changsha, Hunan within the Golden Eagle Movie & TV Cultural City and include a Convention & Exhibition Center first office area, a Saint Tropez second office area, and a police badge barracks third office area. It has also established a Beijing division---a fourth office at East Gate Plaza.

History of Development

Organizational Structure

As authorized by the Board of Directors, the President’s Office is responsible for the management of the Company. The Company consists of Platform Operation Center, Program Center, Product Center, Technical Center, Advertising & Marketing Center, Market Promotion Center, Commerce Center, Operator Business Center, Board Office, President’s Office, Party Work Office, Labor Union, Human Resources Department, Public Affairs Department, Assets and Financial Department, and Information Security Department. By far, the Company has been staffed with about 1,200 employees at an age of 27 on average.

Management Team

Zhang Yong /

Zhang Yong
Mr. Zhang, member of CPC, senior engineer; used to be deputy director of Hunan TV Entertainment Channel, director of Program Marketing Center of Hunan Broadcasting Station, President Assitant of Hunan Broadcasting Station and director of Production Operation Center. August, 2012, Mr. Zhang was appointed as the Board Member and the General Manager of Mango Media; August, 2017, appointed as the Chairman of Mango TV. Now, He also served as the Chairman of Shanghai EE-Media Co.,Ltd, Board Member of Happigo Home Shopping Co.,Ltd, Executive Board Member of Mango Studios.

Cai Huaijun / CEO

Liu Chenliang / Executive Vice President

Huang Dong / CTO

Bo Linsi / Vice President

Xie Lin / Vice President

Yi Keming / Vice President

Cheng Hongrong / Vice President

Yuan Ganghong / Vice President

  • 20172.27

    February 22, 2017 Mango TV Live Streaming of Oscar Awards 2017 Drew Attention for Innovation and Upgrade

    From 8:00 a.m. of February 22, Mango TV delivered the live streaming 89th Oscar Awards. In addition to simultaneous interpretation and multi-path cameras, Mango TV introduced the second studio this year. Well-known movie critic Taotao was invited to the studio for live commentary and prediction of the Awards winners to present a multi-dimensional Oscar Awards watching experience. The real-time data of live streaming revealed that Mango TV had 3 million peak concurrent users, setting a new viewer record of live streaming of international events.

  • 20172.22

    February 22, 2017 Mango TV Worked with Skyworth, Gome and EverBright ReinForce to Launch IMGO

    On February 22, Mango TV held the IMGO TV Brand & Product Launch Event together with Skyworth, Gome and EverBright ReinForce in Beijing. The much-anticipated IMGO was unveiled for the first time. Introducing a new TV form as a product jointly developed by several parties, IMGO TV will provide consumers with an integrated audio-visual solution from hardware to content and a new development form of media convergence. Luo Jianhui, director of Internet Audiovisual Program Management Division of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, attended the launch event as a distinguished official and guest and made a speech.

  • 20172.20

    February 20, 2017 Hunan Broadcasting System Awarded IPTV Provincial Broadcast Control Platform Permit

    The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television recently issued the Internet Audio-Visual Program Service Permit (“AVSP”) to Hunan Broadcasting System. With the official provincial broadcast control platform permit, Hunan IPTV jointly launched by Hunan TV, CCTV and China Telecom Hunan Branch has been approved to expand its transmission range from Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan pilot zone to the whole province. It means that more quality contents will be available to the households in Hunan Province to meet the cultural demands of more users. Meanwhile, this permit will have a strategic impact on the all-media structure of Hunan Broadcasting System, particularly its new media forces represented by Mango TV.

  • 20171.9

    January 9, 2017 “Who’s the Murderer 2” to Come back on January 13, Media Preview to be Held in Changsha

    Mango TV’s hit self-produced star reasoning variety show “Who’s the Murderer 2” will soon come back with the preview “Prelude: Comeback of Detectives” to be held in Changsha at 12:00 on January 13. He Jiong, Jackson Wang, Bai Jingting, Angel Wang and Qiao Zhenyu will witness the upgrade of the hit show in the beginning of 2017. The 15-episode show is still positioned a reasoning show starred by celebrities, but with more intriguing plots, more fabulous props, and new guest actresses.

  • 20171.8

    January 8, 2017 Bang Entertainment Awards 2017 Opened and Mango TV Honored with Three Awards

    On January 8, the Bang Entertainment Awards 2017 was unveiled in MEE-PARK, Beijing. Themed with How to Play the Second Half of the Content Game in 2017, the event featured talk shows and roundtable forums. In-depth discussions on the development of pan-entertainment industry were conducted, and the Top Ten Internet Movies, Internet Dramas, Internet Variety Shows and Culture and Media NEEQ Companies 2016 were released. Mango TV was honored with three awards through “Demon Girl”—Top 10 Internet Dramas 2016 and “Where Are We Going? Dad Season IV”, “Who’s the Murderer” and “The Bachelor”—Top 10 Internet Variety Shows 2016.

  • 2016
  • 201612.28

    December 28, 2016 Mango TV Again Rated as One of the World’s 500 Largest Media Companies

    On December 28, The World’s 500 Largest Media Companies 2016 were released by World Media Lab in New York and Beijing simultaneously. While Google was at the top of the list, Mango TV made its way into the list as the only new media company in the traditional broadcasting industry for its uniquely superior variety shows and rapid development in the whole industry chain. This honorable title has sung high praises to the brand value of Mango TV in the world, and provided a constructive direction for the convergence and transformation of traditional media and new media.

  • 201612.8

    December 8, 2016, Nie Mei Honored as China Internet Audiovisual Person of the Year, Hunan Winning Honors Again for Station and Network Convergence

    At the 4th China Internet Audio-visual Conference held in Chengdu on December 8, Mango TV again won the recognition of the industry for its development speed by media convergence and quality self-produced variety shows. By advancing the strategic upgrade of media convergence of Hunan Broadcasting System, Nie Mei, member of CPC Hunan Broadcasting System Committee, associate director of Hunan Broadcasting System and chairman of Mango TV, led the transformation of Mango TV’s development strategy from exclusive broadcast to originality, and thus won the title of China Internet Audiovisual Person of the Year 2016. Inspired by the strategy of One Body Two Wings + Double Engines of Hunan Broadcasting System, Mango TV has continued to develop proprietary contents and achieved great results. The two proprietary internet variety shows “Who’s the Murderer” and “2016 Super Girl” were respectively awarded Excellent Specialized Internet Audio-visual Program, and Innovative Show, setting new benchmarks for Station and Network Convergence and the development of Chinese Internet audio-visual industry.

  • 201610.28

    October 28, 2016 Mango TV Launch Event 2017 Held to Highlight the Hunan Spirit with 13 Features

    On October 28, Mango TV Launch Event 2017 Glorious Youth was held in Beijing. Luo Jianhui, director of Internet Audiovisual Program Management Division of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Nie Mei, member of CPC Hunan Broadcasting System Committee, associate director of Hunan Broadcasting System and chairman of Mango TV, Chen Gang, member of CPC Hunan Broadcasting System Committee, associate director of Hunan Broadcasting System, deputy chairman of Mango Media and chairman of Happigo, Ding Cheng, CEO of Mango TV, Ren Wenwei, director of Hunan Satellite TV Advertising Department, and other officials attended the event. Mango TV introduced its 13 features at the launch, and released over 80 hit programs, including “Where Are We Going? Dad Season V” and “2017 Super Boy”. Mango TV further launched the Client-side Ver 5.0, Online Star Growth Program Mango Trainee, Mango Creative Incubation Fund, so as to deliver phenomenal contents.

  • 20169.8

    September 8, 2016, Mango TV Joined Hands with Unicom and Blephone to Open a New Era of Nationwide Videophony

    On September 8, the Strategic Cooperation Launch Event of Video Phone Alliance “Watch Videos on Wo” jointly organized by Mango TV, China Unicom and Blephone was held in Changsha. Xiong Yu, vice general manager of China Unicom, Tang Yongbo, general manager of China Unicom Hunan Branch, Huang Mingquan, chairman of Chongqing Blephone Technology Co., Ltd., Nie Mei, associate director of Hunan Broadcasting System and chairman of Mango TV, Cheng Hongrong, vice president of Mango TV, Yuan Ganghong, vice president of Mango TV and other officials and guests totaling 200 persons attended the event. They witnessed the joint launch of video phone and launch ceremony of Cross-industry Cooperation on Video Strategic Alliance by the three parties. This alliance will introduce new models of terminal content chain, advance the upgrade of 4G terminal cooperation industries and open a new era of nationwide videophony.

  • 20168.8

    August 8, 2016, Mango TV Entered the Hardware Market with the New Smart TV System MUI

    August 8 saw the grand opening of Mango TV 2016 Launch Event themed with the Ultimate Reflection of TV Producers on TV in China National Convention Center, Beijing. At the event, Mango TV launched its proprietary smart TV system MUI. The leading partners of Mango TV in hardware, channel and research and development like Gome, Skyworth, XGIMI and Blephone joined the event and made a speech introducing the strategic plans of Mango TV in terminal hardware to the 400 guests and reporters present.

  • 20167.20

    July 20, 2016 Super Girl Themed Plane Took its Maiden Flight for Cross-industry IP Cooperation

    On July 20, the Dream Plane jointly launched by Mango TV, Hainan Airline and Skyline Media for “2016 Super Girl” took its maiden flight from Haikou to Guangzhou. This themed plane will fly back and forth the cities across China this year. Featuring the themed color of Super Girl pink, the plane was designed with musical notes, guitar, drum set and other musical elements. It was a reflection of Super Girl’s dream of music, and a manifestation of Mango TV and Hainan Airline’s openness and innovation.

  • 20165.5

    May 5, 2016 Mango TV Released A Variety of Programs at the Summer & Fall Launch Event

    The afternoon of May 5 saw the Mango TV Summer & Fall Launch Event held in Beijing. On the basis of self-produced contents, a variety of programs from variety shows to IP shows were released to provide a visual feast. Well-known artists Angel Wang, Hito, Li Rui and Xu Xiaonuo made their appearance to support the event, creating a brisk and delightful atmosphere.

  • 20164.27

    April 27, 2016 Projection TV H1 Praised by Premier, Mango TV and XGIMI Work Together to Explore the Future of Industry

    “With a white wall and a set top box, you can enlarge the screen infinitely. It only costs 4,999 yuan. It’s much cheaper than a flat-panel TV,” Premier Li Keqiang commented on XGIMI’s latest projection TV after watching it during his inspection visit to Chengdu Jingrong Maker Town recently. The projection TV Premier Li Keqiang watched was the XGIMI H1, a new product jointly released by Mango TV and XGIMI. It represents the preliminary result of cooperative exploration between Mango TV and XGIMI as a content provider and a hardware developer respectively.

  • 20163.23

    March 23, 2016 Mango TV Signed a Strategic Agreement with China Unicom to Expand Business Cooperation

    On the morning of March 23, China Unicom Speed Acceleration and Fee Reduction Advancement Conference & Founding Ceremony of 4K Super Definition Industry Alliance was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. Among the important agreements entered into by China Union was the strategic cooperation agreement framework signed by Ding Cheng, CEO of Mango TV, on behalf of Mango TV to cooperate in operator business expansion.

  • 20163.7

    March 7, 2016 VR Technology First Used at the Press Conference of “2016 Super Girl”

    The afternoon of March 7 saw the Press Conference of Mango TV’s IP variety show “2016 Super Girl” held in Changsha, Hunan Province. With a capsule design, the Super Girl Flight featured the surprise debut of star mentor Jeong Soon-won and a live remote interaction with Kris, the endorser of Super Girl. Another big highlight of the press conference was the introduction of the new VR technology for live streaming. It was China’s first VR-based live streaming press conference.

  • 20162.22

    February 22, 2016 Mango TV Started Using the New International Domain Name

    Mango TV will start using the new international domain name from tonight. This update to a more Internet-based international domain name not only saves 0.5 second of input time, but also indicates the increasingly clear positioning of Mango TV. A change of domain name is often a re-orientation of an Internet enterprise.

  • 20161.22

    January 27, 2016 Mango TV Introduced the Network-wide Search Function

    Recently Mango TV introduced the Network-wide Search function on its website, allowing users to search videos of Sohu Video, iQIYI and QQ Video on Mango TV, realizing watching through webpage-jumping. On the basis of original search functions, this updated big video search engine in China has further optimized the search experience. While cutting user retrieval costs and App installation costs, it helps users easily search the network-wide videos from Mango TV, and develop users’ habit of long-term video watching and searching in Mango TV. To better enhance user experience, Mango TV have applied such key retrieval techniques as keyword autocompletion, user intent analysis, intelligent error-correction and relevance ranking of click feedback in search functions.

  • 2015
  • 201512.31

    Super Girls, the Giant Work of Mango TV, is Coming Soon!

    On Dec 31, Chris Lee, BiBi Zhou and Jane Zhang, the top 3 super girls for the year of 2005, gathered at the New Year Countdown Concert 2016 of Hunan Satellite TV for the first time upon 10 years. On the stage, these three former super girls recalled the wonderful moments of the contest and jointly announced the restart of the giant work – Super Girls 2016 sponsored by Mengniu Sour Yogurt, calling on "the collection of 100,000 super girls' dreams": the contestants may enter the Super Girls contest immediately after the restart and as long as the number of applicants exceed 100,000, the Super Girls contest will kick off in no time! Super Girls 2016 is co-presented by Hunan Satellite TV, Mango TV and EE-Media and mainly produced by and broadcasted in Mango TV. This popular variety show is to be transformed from a live show broadcasted by TV stations to an interactive talent show broadcasted by Internet. The contestant may enter the contest by uploading her song(s) through "Mango Live Broadcast" APP from now on.

  • 201512.29

    The Best APP of Le Dimension for the Year of 2015 goes to Mango TV, which is presented by TFBOYS

    On the evening of Dec 29, 360 Mobile Assistant "Le Dimension Pageantry" and Launching Ceremony of New Brand was held in the Beijing National Aquatics Center, where the Top 10 APPs for the Year of 2015 and the Best APP of Le Dimension were announced. Relying on the extraordinary performance and booming development in 2015, Mango TV APP won the Best APP of Le Dimension for the Year of 2015. TFBOYS, one of the most popular idol groups in China, was invited to be the presenter.

  • 201512.28

    Mango TV was Nominated for the World' 500 Largest Media Companies.

    The 3rd World' 500 Largest Media Company List (2015), which was independently prepared by World Media Lab, was released on Dec 28. By virtue of its booming development with severalfold annual operating income, Mango TV was elected one of the first Internet new media companies after enforcing exclusive broadcasting strategy for less than two years. This honor not only recognizes Mango TV's achievement of exclusive broadcasting strategy but highly appraises its global brand value.

  • 201512.18

    Mango TV is Awarded “Analysys Star: Fast-improving APP” by Analysys International

    On Dec 18, the "Analysys Data-driven Innovation Summit and Analysys Star Awards Ceremony" dropped the curtain in Beijing. Relying on its strong content resources and innovative marketing strategy, Mango TV achieved leaping development in 2015 with fast-growing users and continuous improvement in users' experience and was thus awarded "Analysys Star: Fast-improving APP" by Analysys International. Based on the growth rate of the mobile application-related data and other authoritative data, the assessment of "Fast-improving APP" Prize adopted 18 important indexes including monthly active users, duration of use, frequency of APP initiation and per capita duration of daily use, etc.

  • 201512.3

    Mango TV Wins Two Big Prizes at the CIAVC

    Under the theme of "Innovation and Reform of Big Video Age", China Internet Audio-Visual Conference (CIAVC) was held in Chengdu on Dec 3. It is a great event for comprehensive industries based on the highest standard and the largest scale in China. At the conference, the attendees shared their experience in media integration, industry innovation, content creation and public entrepreneurship and expressed their opinions on the future of Internet audio-visual industry. Depending on the leaping development driven by TV station-Internet integration strategy, Mango TV won two big prizes -- "the Innovative Team of TV station-Internet Integration for the Year" and "the Innovative Case of TV station-Internet Integration for the Year". Lv Huanbin, the CPC Secretary and Director of Hunan Satellite TV and the CPC Secretary and President of Hunan Broadcasting System, was reputed as the "Internet Audio-Visual Person for the Year of 2015". Together with XGIMI, Samsung and other dozens of cooperative manufacturers and products, Mango TV attended and impressed the conference.

  • 201511.27

    Perfect Holiday made by Mango TV is Reputed as “the Chinese Marketing Event for the Year of 2015”

    On the morning of Nov 27, the "China's Marketing Ceremony 2015" sponsored by Nanfang Metropolis Daily was held in Guangzhou. Based on the comments made by the editors of the domestic mainstream media and the senior experts of the marketing industry, advertising industry and related academia, the most outstanding marketing event and marketing expert for the year were elected through the public voting by Internet and SMS for more than 2 months. By virtue of the multi-dimensional and innovative integrated marketing, Perfect Holiday, the web-based variety show produced by Mango TV, was reputed as one of "the Top Ten Chinese Marketing Events for the Year of 2015", which was the sole Chinese award-winning video program.

  • 201511.21

    Mango TV is Awarded the Most Influential Media Website for the Year 2014 - 2015

    On Nov 21, the 8th Chinese Branded Media Summit Forum under the theme of "the Achievement of Brand Value of Internet and Age" was held in Tongren, the well-known city in West China. The leadership of media academia and industry, over 260 experts and 187 branded media have attended the forum and had in-depth discussions and communications with each other. At the Forum, Mango TV was awarded "the Most Influential Media Website for the Year 2014 - 2015", Molly Nie, the President of Mango TV, was reputed as "the Influential Branded Media Worker for the Year 2014 - 2015" and Ding Cheng, the CEO of Mango TV was reputed as "the Innovative Branded Media Representative for the Year 2014 - 2015".

  • 201511.17

    Mango TV Focuses on Global Family Internet Conference 2015: “Content + Channel”, Dual-Wheel Driving Force

    On Nov 17, the Global Family Internet Conference (GFIC2015) was kicked off in Shanghai International Convention Center, focusing on such themes as large screen, ecology, technology, smart terminals and OTT, etc. Cheng Hongrong, the Vice President of Mango TV has attended the meeting and made a speech on the subject of Content + Channel, the Dual-Wheel Driving Force for Mango Internet TV. The Internet is overturning and reshaping the family entertainment, indicated by Cheng Hongrong, and by virtue of unique content and multipoint channels, Mango Internet TV will accelerate the development of content service for family Internet.

  • 201511.10

    Lv Huanbin Attends the Mango TV Investors Meeting

    On Nov 10, Mango TV Investors Meeting chaired by Nie Mei, the Deputy Director of Hunan Satellite TV and the President of Mango TV, was held at Hall A on the first floor of the main building. 50 invested units and more than 110 investors have attended the meeting to have a face-to-face conversation with Mango TV. Lv Huanbin, the CPC Secretary and Director of Hunan Satellite TV and the CPC Secretary and President of Hunan Broadcasting System, has made a welcome address at the meeting, giving full recognition to the achievement of "Mango TV exclusive broadcasting" strategy implemented by Mango TV and the development goals of Mango TV to become the first entertainment Internet platform in China and find its place equal to that of Hunan Satellite TV in the traditional mainstream media.

  • 201511.7

    Perfect Holiday Drops the Final Curtain while the Anticipated Second Season is to be Initiated

    After the all-day and full-view live broadcast for 90 days, Perfect Holiday, the large self-produced show of Mango TV, dropped the final curtain on Nov 7. On the evening of the Final, the total viewers of Perfect Holiday have surpassed 800 million and the peak concurrent viewers were recorded 2.85 million. The Baidu Post Bar registered in the name of Perfect Holiday has attracted more than 100,000 fans. The topic of #Perfect Holiday# and other related topics were viewed for more than 1.2 billion times at Weibo, entering the TOP 4 of the Variety List. With more than 33.23 million votes at the Final, Xu Xiaonuo became the most popular tenant. Xu Xiaonuo, the champion of the Final, was granted the personal development fund valued at one hundred million!

  • 201510.31

    Brilliant Matchmaker Wins the Best Innovative Prize at the 2nd “Wenrong” Awards Ceremony

    The Hengdian Film & TV Festival 2015 and the 2nd "Wenrong" Awards Ceremony was held in Hengdian World Studios from Oct 30 to Oct 31. Adhering to openness, fairness, authority and the principle of "quality outweighs quantity" and upholding the spirits of "care for life and encourage innovation" as well as the mainstream value of "persistence and struggle", the jury chaired by Zheng Xiaolong, a well-known director, reviewed and appraised the submitted works in a strict and careful manner. Brilliant Matchmaker, the first web drama produced by Mango TV, was nominated and won the "Best Innovative Prize" of the new media.

  • 201510.25

    Mango TV is Awarded One of the Innovative New Media in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for the Year of 2015

    From Oct 23 to Oct 25, the 3rd New Media Innovation Summit for Radio and Television Organizations from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan sponsored by Asia Broadcast Film & TV Association and supported by such institutions as CANJRFT and Institute of Journalism and Communication Studies, CASS was held in Chengdu, attracting a number of radio and television agencies as well as new media groups to the meeting.

  • 201510.7

    The Self-produced Program Titled The Million Second Quiz of Mango TV Came to a Perfect End

    The Million Second Quiz is the first all-time online quiz program produced by Mango TV itself in China. Being scheduled to be televised on the National Day, it is a live program which lasts for as long as 170 hours. Mango TV produced this pure-network variety-show contents with high TV-level and high-profile production standards, implemented the real-time live show lasting for seven days and nights and brought audience with unprecedented audio-visual enjoyment.

  • 20159.18

    Mango TV and BBCW Strategic partnership MOU

    Recently, BBCW and Mango TV held a friendly confrence meeting for the establishment of stratigic partnership, and signed the stratigic partnership MOU. The president of BBCW Mr. Paul DEMPSEY and the CEO of Mango TV Mr.Cheng DING signed the MOU on behalf of each commpay respectively, and they would keep close relationship for the futher cooperation and coproduction from now on.

  • 20158.27

    Clicks of The Perfect Holiday Exceeded One Hundred Million in Ten Days after Kicking-off, Interactive Mode Affirmed by Users

    The Perfect Holiday, the 90-day 24-hour network live interactive program launched by Mango TV in associate with ETV brought a feeling of freshness to the variety shows in summer with innovative content and broadcasting form since its live on-line on August 15. The reality show with the theme of “evolving life portrait” has won the affection and pursuit of numerous network users after combining with the live broadcast interactive factor of network. The total clicks of The Perfect Holiday exceeded one hundred million in ten days after kicking-off. In general, The Perfect Holiday has formed the broadcasting effect that the flow is heat, viscosity is continuity and reputation is future.

  • 20158.27

    The Diary of the Girl –Decision Making Organization made in MaLanshan Formally Broadcasted online

    On August 27, new series The Diary of the Girl –Decision Making Organization created by Mango TV were formally broadcasted online. Such series were played by actors from Peking University and its originality is from The Diary of the Girl, an image film once popular on the Internet. On basis of the original network short film, the characters are detailed specifically, and a large amount of fashionable network factors and various funny plots at present are added on the original tonality of aestheticism art. It seems the series are about small affairs on campus, but the series indicate many philosophies about emotion and life, allowing audience to appreciate the feeling and echo of youth while bursting with laughters.

  • 20158.15

    Mango TV Started the Live Broadcast of The Perfect Holiday, a Self-made Heavyweight Variety Program

    At 13:00 on August 15, The Perfect Holiday---- the first 90-day 24-hour network live interactive program of Mango TV was formally kicked off! Expectations and guests on such program were unveiled one by one at the site of Live Broadcast Launch Ceremony & Press Conference for The Perfect Holiday. Contestants screened from average people in rounds made debut and the scenery of mansion villas with 3500 square meters was also presented at the first time. On the site, numerous beauties of UP IDOL led by Wang Han and He Jiong entered the villas for experience and played interactive games with contestants. The unique combination of 12 ordinary people and 12 idols brought splendid shows!

  • 20157.14

    Mango TV's brand new TV show Gossip Dady makes a big hit for its first run

    As for the hit show Where Are We Going ,Dad ? Season 3, the five celebrity families become the hot topic of the audience. By virtue of the mutual cooperation between satellite TV and website, Mango TV released a brand new TV show Gossip Dady, which is online at 22:00 every Friday night. At the same time of Where Are We Going,Dad? , Mango TV plays the whole watching process of the five celebrity families , and invite them with netizens for online real-time interaction. On July 10, Mango TV first invited Zou Shiming and his son. And the whole data turned out to be satisfactory,which created the highest records of all the offline shows.

  • 20156.30

    Mango TV Releases MANGO XIAOMI with XGIMI as the Initiation of its Strategic Pattern of Smart Projection

    On the afternoon of June, 30, "XGIMI: Renewal of Vision" Release Conference for New Product was held in Beijing. MANGO XIAOMI, the first brand-new product after the in-depth strategic cooperation between XGIMI and Mango TV, was formally introduced at the conference, which signified the initiation of strategic pattern of smart projection by Mango Media after its capital injection in XGIMI. Hong Rong, Vice President of Mango TV and General Manager of Mango Internet TV Business Division has attended the release conference.

  • 20156.30

    Hunan Satellite TV is Accessible to Dalian with the Introduction of Mango TV Zone

    On July 1st, Hunan Satellite TV became accessible to Dalian. Before that, Mango TV had initiated DVB+OTT strategic cooperation with Dalian Tiantu Cable Television Network Co., Ltd. Maogo TV Zone on-demand business of Dalian Tiantu Cable Television was put into service on June 30th, enabling the users of Dalian Tiantu Cable Television to watch the programs broadcasted by Hunan Satellite TV one day in advance.

  • 20156.25

    Ding Cheng Takes the Chair of Mango TV

    After the consideration and decision of Party Committee of Hunan Broadcasting System, Ding Cheng was nominated for the Member of Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Mango Media and General Manager of Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd, and ceased to serve as Vice Chief Officer of Satellite Channel and Editor-in-Chief of Hunan Broadcasting System. Zhang Ruobo no longer served as the Member of Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Mango Media and General Manager of, and was transferred to the new position as the Vice Chief Officer of Satellite Channel and Editor-in-Chief of Hunan Broadcasting System. These transfers became effective since June 25th, 2015.

  • 20156.18

    Mango TV Joins Dachen “B2B Strategic Alliance”, Accelerating Its Market-Oriented Process

    On June 18, Dachen Economic Forum 2015 took place at Shenzhen Stock Exchange, attended by a number of investors and representatives of enterprises including Mango TV. The attendees discussed the characteristics of the economic development this year and relevant investment focuses. At the “See the Future” B2B Strategic Alliance signing ceremony, Mango TV signed to become one of the strategic alliance partners. Nie Mei, Deputy Director of Hunan Broadcasting and TV Station, shared the Internet+ practice of her institution at the parallel forum “The Advent of Our Best Times”: the Internet+”; she also discussed the thinking on the development of Mango TV from independence in broadcasting to uniqueness, arousing a great deal of interest in the audience.

  • 20156.11

    Mango TV Honored with TopDigital Gold Award in Recognition of Its Effort to Build a Top Self-Created Content Brand

    On June 11 at the 2015 TopDigital Annual Creative Award & Award Presenting Ceremony, Mango Live Show creates a total, quality music site including music festivals, concerts, and Live House at the Self-Created Content area of Mango TV through its innovative “large screen HD live + quality production + VIP interaction” experiencing model, providing the users with HD large-screen live music broadcasting in the age of the Internet featuring zero delay and distance. For its effort, Mango TV was honored with a golden award in the video website category. Mango Live Show will, in the near future, present important live shows such as Changsha Stop of SNH4 Rendezvous National Itinerary and Music Charts Around Asia. It expects to live broadcast 100 Live House performances around the country this year.

  • 20156.11

    Molly Nie in dialogue with James Ross

    In 10th June 2015, 1:50 PM, Swissotel Grand Shanghai, Molly Nie (Vice President of Hunan Broadcasting Station, Executive Director of Mango Media and Chair of Interactive Entertainment Media Co.Ltd.) in dialogue with James Ross (CEO of Lightning International Ltd) - in China and the World: TV & Online Opportunities event of model forum of The Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia. In the current age, video has already taken the first place of all applications on the internet. Video content production industry has a tremendous development space. Ms. Nie thinks that the import of models and localization not only include programs import, but also learning the global advanced production processes and creation systems. It performs a motivational role to Chinese market, while, eventually, the industry needs to cultivate its own original creativity and increase development of value chain. In fact, Hunan Broadcasting System is the front runner of program models import and localization. It initiatively imports advanced program models from overseas, moreover, by localizing and integrating, Hunan Broadcasting Group built a number of phenomenal popular variety shows, like Just the two of us, Strictly Come Dancing, I am a singer and Where are we going, Dad.

  • 20156.1

    Mango TV Children’s Channel goes on line on 1st June

    After a month’s careful preparations, Mango TV Children’s Channel went on line on Children’s Day. Different from other video channel, Mango TV Children’s Channel has green international video source, multiple section settings, exclusive variety show and self-made show. The channel holds up to the idea of accompany the children, help the parents and build healthy relations in family. It has 6 sections features entertaining, easy to learn, nice to ear, excellent show, sweet mum and nice time. Ranging from children’s TV to parent-child consumption, the channel filtrates into all levels of parent-children lives, and builds healthy parent-child ecology circle in an all-round way.

  • 20155.25

    Mango TV brings Lingxi to CES AISA

    On 25th May, the first CES ASIA opened in Shanghai. In Carat China show, the general manager of Mango TV Marketing Center, Zeng Hua and the CEO of Cara China, Adil Zaim, cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of Lingxi, a brand new network video interaction product. Lingxi is an individualization product based on AVD TOUCH technology, and is hatched out of POPCON of Carat China. It focuses on the contents of Mango TV platform and the users features, realized true effect of Heart Act upon Heart between contents and the audience through precise real-time recommendation. Its abundant display style and efficient mode of transmission made the guests and media on site full of expectation

  • 20155.22

    Mango TV is awarded with National Pioneer Award of Fusion and Innovation

    From 20th to 22nd, May, the third National Network Media Innovation & Development Forum, i.e. the fifth China Network Brand Award was held in Beijing. As the only media that promoted the network video business in HBS, Mango TV stood out in the media fusion and innovation, and got the National Pioneer Award of Fusion and Innovation. Zhang Robo, host of Happy Sunshine CEO (one of our shows) was honored with National Character Award of Chinese Network Media Innovation.

  • 20155.18

    Mango TV live broadcasts the 2015 US Billboard Music Award exclusively

    On 7:30 a.m. 18th May, Beijing time, which was 4 p.m. in US, 2015 US Billboard Music Award opened in Las Vegas and Mango TV broadcast the whole show exclusively. On 2:30 a.m. of 20th, 22nd , and 24th May, the Chinese audience would enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time, Mango TV live broadcast team with the director of I’m A Singer, Hong Tao, honored guest Liang Qiaobai and Wu Zhoutong would go to the contest and bring back top feast of sound and music. It’s reported that it is the first time that China joined in the talent competition which has the longest history and largest scale; it is also the first time that Chinese audience could enjoy this top-level show.

  • 20155.14

    Mango TV brings its terminal products to the ICIF, putting on excellent show with high-quality contents

    On 14th May, the 11th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair opened in Shenzhen Exhibition Center. Mango TV participated. In the morning, the standing committee and propaganda minister of Hunan province, Xu Yousheng visited the exhibition and experienced the network TV products accompanied by the director of HBS—Lv Huanbin, and deputy director Nie Mei. Mango TV stand attracted many visitors by abundant products and colorful interaction activities. Mango TV’s four major self-made TV show, Mango TV APP, Mango TV Inside series, DVD+OTT cooperation mode, mobile value-added business and marketing case became the hotspots of the exhibition.

  • 20155.13

    Mango TV Music Channel went on line on 13th May

    Mango TV Music Channel focuses on live broadcast of online music concerts, which goes on line on 13th May. It aims at being the next subverter of music industry. It will broadcast the US Billboard Award on 18th May, and the Eurovision Song Contest on 20th, 22nd, 24th, May. When the domestic network industry has not interfered with the online broadcasting yet, Mango TV not only put the live show on line, but also focus on international stages. It is bold and courageous, and wanted to be the first endeavor

  • 20154.28

    Mango TV aglare attends the 2015 Global Mobile Internet Conference

    28th April to 30th April, 2015 Global Mobile Internet Conference was held in Beijing. This time, the conference used “Mobile Everything” as the theme, which converged elites of mobile internet from the whole world to discuss new hotspots and revolutions of the industry. As the media convergence forerunner of broadcasting and TV system, Mango TV was invited to the conference. At the meeting, Mango TV aglare attended with a number of featured products, like OTT Set Top Box and AIO machine. Moreover, Mango TV presented at future household digital entertainment summit and mobile marketing summit, shared the dramatic development of Mango TV OTT under the household informationizing wave, and the platform feature of the content terminal layout and youth marketing, which received intensive attention from the industry.

  • 20154.25

    Mango TV is awarded “2014 the most influential media website in China”

    25th April, the 10th Chinese Media Conference was grandly held in Xi’an, which took “Chinese Dream, Media Dream, New Thinking, New Strategy” as the theme of this year. The conference brought together a broad range of media specialists and industry elites to award groups and individuals who showed outstanding contributions for Chinese media industry in last year. Besides that, there was an energetic discussion about media combination development, media transformation promotion, Internet+, and Big Data. By virtue of the brilliant performance and brand influence during the process of media combination since the practice of Exclusive Broadcasting Strategy in 2014, Mango TV was awarded “Golden Great Wall Media Award” and “2014 the Most Influential Media Website in China”; acquired double approvals from academy and industry.

  • 20154.24

    Mango TV “Youth Marketing”is appreciated, win double prizes on Golden Mouse Digital Marketing Competition

    24th April, the 6th Golden Mouse Digital Marketing Summit, namely, Digital Marketing Competition Award Ceremony, was held in Beijing. The final results were gradually to be published! By virtue of deeply marketing case of Bright Dairy Momchilovtsi The First Grade and trans-screens coalesce marketing case of CHANGAN ALSVIN V7 New Year’s Eve Concert, Mango TV won silver award and Bronze respectively from the ferocious competition consisted by 600 candidates. The marketing ability of Mango TV platform acquired approval from industry authorities again.

  • 20154.20

    Nie Mei Presented at the Commemorative Activity for One Year Anniversary of’s revising and launching

    In the afternoon of April 20, a commemorative activity was held for the one year anniversary of’s revising and launching, and Nie Mei, associate director of the Hunan Broadcasting System attended the activity.From April 20, 2014 to date, has accumulated 16 exclusive broadcasting variety shows, 208 episodes of exclusive TV dramas and 80% of popular TV dramas; resources layout have covered different major TV channels’ programs such as Hunan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong star-TV channels; 4-6 shows among top ten shows on ivideotracker on-demand viewing chart are from Mango TV.

  • 20154.18

    Mango Internet TV Using Dolby 5.1 Surround Technology for Live Broadcast of Concert, the First in the World

    Mango internet TV spares no effort to promote “Mango TV Live Show” by means of high standard live broadcast of art and cultural activities like concerts to distinguish itself in terms of brand distinction in OTT industry and unique contents. On April 18, Mango Internet TV and Dolby worked together to live broadcast concert “the Goddess is coming”, which is world’s first attempt to make use of Dolby 5.1 surround technology for the live broadcast of concert.

  • 20154.18

    Mango TV Self-made TV Drama Girls’ Diary Starts Shooting in Beijing on 18th

    On April 18, Mango TV self-made TV drama Girls’ Diary: Making Decision Firm started shooting beside the Weiming Lake of Peking University. On occassion of shooting ceremony, Peng Feng, the vice president of the School of Arts of Peking University also came to witness the scene. As a campus drama with its prototype ever studying in Peking University, the drama not only invited Chen Yu, who is the director of the micro film of the original novel for this drama, and the associate professor of the School of Arts of Peking University, to release his instruction on the shooting in person, but also invited the most youthful and appropriate idol actresses to interpret the novel.

  • 20153.31

    Mango TV creates another high record of video traffic Daily active users of Mobile Application break through 10 million

    The final of I am a singer III ended successfully. On 28th March, Mango TV re-creates a new peak of network traffic, which is shown as VV surpassed 880 million and active clients firstly reached 10 million. Until 28th, the accumulated downloads of Mango TV app break through 63 million.

  • 201502.12

    360-degree Live Broadcast of Hunan Satellite TV Xiaonianye Gala on Mango TV

    On the evening of Feb 12th, Hunan Satellite TV Xiaonianye (Festival on Dec 24th of Chinese lunar calendar) Gala was held with the theme of "Sharing good times together". With the development of integration and innovation, Mango TV has collected all-round resources based on various terminals such as TV, PC, Mobile Phone and Pad, providing users with a 360-degree five-screen interactive live broadcast. A multi-platform and multi-terminal live show is fully presented to viewers with the viewing angel decided by the users freely.

  • 201501.28

    2014 Summation and Commendation Meeting is Held

    The first “Mango TV Grand Ceremony” —— 2014 Summation and Commendation Meeting was held on Jan 28th, 2015. Nie Mei, the Deputy Director of Hunan Satellite TV and President of attended the meeting and made an address. To encourage and cheer the staff, Zhang Ruobo, CEO of, and other senior executives have delivered brilliant speeches on the work summary of 2014 and the company visions of 2015.

  • 201501.07

    The First Mango TV Inside Flagship Store Celebrates Its Inauguration

    With the slogan of “Be Together to Share Good Times”, two Mango TV inside flagship stores for online and offline products celebrated their inauguration in the Fans Club of Hunan Broadcasting System on Jan 7th. On the very day, Li Rui, the host of Hunan Satellite TV, served in the shop as the “Star Shop Manager”. Nie Mei, the Deputy Director of Hunan Satellite TV and President of, Zhang Ruobo, CEO of and many other senior representatives from the Company’s cooperative partners have attended the inauguration.

  • 2014
  • 201412.31

    Mango TV Becomes the Pioneer of 360-degree New Year Countdown Concert Live Broadcast by the Integration of Television and Network

    At 19:30 pm, Dec 31st, 2014, the New Year Countdown Concert sponsored by Hunan Satellite TV successfully kicked off in Guangzhou International Sports Arena. By virtue of the high-quality resources integrated from the platform and the fusion of medias, Mango TV took the lead in promoting the brand-new and creative five-screen interactive mode, which has broken several records in the industry.

  • 201411.15

    Mango TV is awarded Chinese Most Influential Brand Media Website

    Mango TV was awarded “Chinese Most Influential Brand Media Website”: The 7th Chinese Brand Media Summit Forum and Awards Presenting Ceremony was held in Changsha, where Mango TV has been awarded “2013-2014 Chinese Most Influential Brand Media Website” for its high recognition in the industry and increasing popular support.

  • 201411.14

    2015 Mango TV Investment Fair is held in Changsha

    2015 Mango TV Investment Fair was held in Changsha: Since the first investment fair held in Beijing on Oct 30th, more than 100 brand customers have competed for the rich and exclusive content resources possessed by Mango TV. The pre-sold advertisement fee has surpassed RMB 250 million within 15 days.

  • 201411.11

    Mango Internet TV Takes Its Seat in 2014 Asia-Pacific OTT Summit

    Mango TV took its seat in 2014 Asia-Pacific OTT Summit: To join hands with partners in exploring the development of OTT industry, Mango TV has organized a special sub-forum with the theme of “Create New Pattern for Home Entertainment with OTT Industry Chain” during the Summit.

  • 201411.08

    Mango TV Exclusively Broadcasts the Concert of Gary Cao with Full HD

    Mango TV Exclusively Broadcasted the Concert of Gary Cao with Full HD: “I am Gary Cao” World Tour Concert was initiated in Beijing. Mango Internet TV took the lead in broadcasting this brilliant concert with H.265 UHD technology. “Mango TV Live Show” was widely acclaimed.

  • 201411.04

    The First Self-produced Drama Made by Mango TV and Hunantv Satellite TV Starts Shooting

    The First Self-produced Drama Made by Mango TV and Satellite TV Started Shooting: Singles’ Villa took its first shot in Changsha. The first shooting symbolized the implementation of 2015 Dual Exclusive Broadcasting Weekly Theater in which Mango TV and Hunan Satellite TV have invested RMB 1 billion.

  • 201411.01

    Brilliant Matchmaker, the Self-produced Drama of Mango TV, is On The Air Online

    Brilliant Matchmaker, the Self-produced Drama of Mango TV, was On The Air Online: Outstanding idols such as Xu Lu, Han Chengyu, etc. born in the 1990s were invited to act in the drama. The total clicks went up to over 10 million during the first two days of its airing. “Works Made in Malanshan” became the new entertainment label in the field of network self-produced content.

  • 201410.30

    Master in Sociability, the Self-produced Drama of Mango TV, is In The Can

    Master in Sociability, the Self-produced Drama of Mango TV, was In The Can: This Drama was directed by famous blogger He Tairan and well-known netizen Dr. Kylin in a humorous way to convey the new view on love though a customized love story.

  • 201410.30

    The First Mango TV Investment Fair is held in Beijing

    The First Mango TV Investment Fair was held in Beijing: 2015 Mango TV Investment Fair for Advertisement was held in Beijing with the theme of "Be Together to Share Good Times". At the Fair, Mango TV has released its 2015 development strategy, resources with superior content and content marketing layout.

  • 201410.20

    The Iconoclast, the First Variety Show of Mango TV, is Broadcasted Online

    The Iconoclast, the First Variety Show of Mango TV, was Presented Online: Stars are invited to the show to share their life in a humorous and interesting way for which it successfully breaks the unitary pattern of traditional talk show.

  • 201410.17

    Mango TV Pioneers WeChat Payment

    Mango TV Pioneered WeChat Payment: Taking the lead in promoting “VIP WeChat Payment” in the industry, Mango TV has upgraded users’ interaction experience with a brand-new concept and initiated a new trend of IPTV payment.

  • 201410.16

    Mango Hi Q M3, a Set-up Box Tailored for Mango TV, is Available in the Market

    Mango Hi Q M3, a Set-up Box Tailored for Mango TV, was Available in the Market: The cobble-like M3 is one of the “Mango Hi Q” Series products coproduced by Mango TV and Himedia. Supported by Hisilicon Quad-Core, Bluetooth 4.0 and Dual-Band WiFi, the M3 is capable of playing superb audio-visual effect with 4K+ Image Processing Technology and 7.1 Audio. Its performance is much higher than that of other similar products in the market.

  • 201410.11

    Mango TV is awarded “Innovation Prize for Transboundary Integration” at Internet Grand Ceremony of Golden Eagle Festival

    Mango TV was awarded “Innovation Prize for Transboundary Integration” at Internet Grand Ceremony of Golden Eagle Festival: As the pioneer to integrate the new medias of radio and television, Mango TV was awarded “Innovation Prize for Transboundary Integration” at the 2014 Internet Grand Ceremony of the 10th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival. Zhang Ruobo, the President of the, has received the award on behalf of the Company personally.

  • 201410.02

    Live Broadcast of Zhuhai International Beach Music Festival can be Viewed on Mango Internet TV

    Live Broadcast of Zhuhai International Beach Music Festival can be Viewed on Mango TV: Mango TV has followed up and broadcasted two brilliant concerts of the Festival. More than ten famous singers and bands such as Xu Wei, Sitar Tan, Tang Dynasty , are “invited” to “Mango TV Live Show”.

  • 201409.17

    Mango TV JMGO G1 Smart Home Theater Terminal Makes its Debut

    Mango TV JMGO G1 Smart Home Theater Terminal made its debut: With 300” large-screen display, the product jointly launched by Mango TV and Holatek led the upgrading battle of household internet TV to the field of smart short-distance projection. This was also the first debut of Mango TV at the stage of smart short-distance projection. A great breakthrough in “hardware terminal” has been achieved.

  • 201409.17

    Mango TV Attends the 5th China International Copyright Expo

    Mango TV Attended the 5th China International Copyright Expo: As the exclusive terminal video service platform with the core content resources of Hunan Broadcasting System, Mango TV mainly presented its video service products such as Mango TV PC, Mango Internet TV and Hunan IPTV as well as their results.

  • 201409.11

    Mango TV 4.0 Android Version is Available Online

    Mango TV 4.0 Android Client was Available Online: The rich contents provided for Mango TV mobile phone clients (two versions) synchronize with that for its PC, Pad and IPTV version. A “One Cloud to Multiple Screens” Layout is thus formed on Mango TV platform.

  • 201409.09

    Mango TV 4.0 iOS Mobile Client is Available Online

    Mango TV 4.0 iOS Mobile Version is Available Online: HD/SD display are both available on new version. Two new functions are added, offline download and interactive comments.

  • 201409.06

    Exclusive HD Live Broadcast of Hua Chenyu Mars Concert is Broadcasted on Mango TV

    Exclusive HD Live Broadcast of “Hua Chenyu Mars Concert” was Broadcasted on Mango TV: On the evening of Sep 6th, Hua Chenyu Sang in MasterCard Center. Mango TV cooperated with EEmedia for exclusive broadcast, QQ Music for exclusive interaction broadcast. It has broken the new record of online views during the simulcast of the concert. “Mango TV Live Show” initiated a new era for star O2O interaction broadcast.

  • 201408.30

    Mango TV Joined Hands with TCL in Promoting “TCL & Mango TV+” Television

    Mango TV Joined Hands with TCL in Promoting “TCL & Mango TV+”: “TCL & Mango TV+” is the first co-branded television produced by a domestic IPTV licenser and a TV manufacturer. This fashionable television is equipped with the HD content resources provided by Mango TV and 4K UHD display technology. The estimated annual production is over 1 million.

  • 201408.27

    Mango TV Attended the 23rd BIRTV

    Mango TV Attended the 23rd BIRTVL: As the pioneer in developing new medias of Hunan Broadcasting System, Mango TV mainly presented its video service products such as Mango TV (PC), Mango TV (Internet TV) and Hunan IPTV as well as their achievements at BIRTVL. The development of media integration in Hunan Broadcasting System was highly recognized.

  • 201408.24

    Brilliant Matchmaker, the Second Mango TV Self-produced Network Drama, Starts Shooting in Beijing

    Brilliant Matchmaker, the Second Mango TV Self-produced Network Drama, Started Shooting in Beijing: The production fee of one episode is equal to that of a single TV drama of the same level. It marked the transformation of video production from small-budget workshop to industrial manufacturer in Chinese network self-produced drama.

  • 201408.20

    Mango TV Multi-screen Era Digital Marketing Theme Salon is held in Shanghai Successfully

    Mango TV Multi-screen Era Digital Marketing Theme Salon is held in Shanghai Successfully: Cooperated with Jiuhe Interaction, Baidu, AdMaster, Mango TV has organized the “Digital Transformation, Where is the Marketing to Go” Marketing Theme Salon.

  • 201408.20

    Medley Nation, the First Self-produced Network Drama of Mango TV, is In The Can

    Medley Nation, the First Self-produced Network Drama of Mango TV, was In The Can: Medley Nation is not only the first self-produced drama of Mango TV, but the first costume comedy integrated with variety elements.

  • 201408.06

    2014 Mango Internet TV Business Seminar is Held in Shenzhen Successfully

    2014 Mango Internet TV Business Seminar was held in Shenzhen successfully. Led by Zhang Ruobo, CEO of and Jerry, the Vice President, Mango Internet TV’s elites and more than 40 cooperative partners have attended the seminar and discussed the future development trend of Internet TV.

  • 201407.28

    Medley Nation, the First Self-produced Network Drama of Mango TV, Starts Shooting in Changsha

    Medley Nation, the First Self-produced Network Drama of Mango TV, Started Shooting in Changsha: Integrated with abundant elements of TV variety show, Medley Nation is not only the first Chinese costume comedy, but creates a new chapter of “costume drama acted by beautiful youth”.

  • 201407.22

    Yang Jinyuan, Deputy Director of Propaganda Department of Provincial Party Committee, has investigated

    Yang Jinyuan, Deputy Director of Propaganda Department of Provincial Party Committee, has investigated He has confirmed that was developing steadily with clear concepts as well as good momentum, and placed great expectations on the Company. He also pointed out that enjoyed great potential in development with bright future, and looked forward to its continuous efforts to be bigger and stronger.

  • 201407.18

    2014 Mango TV Core Resources Promotion for the Second Half is Held in Guangzhou

    2014 Mango TV Core Resources Promotion for the second half year was Held in Guangzhou with the theme of “Struggle for Victory and Create New Sight”. At the promotion, Mango TV has signed strategic cooperative contracts with Shihuatang and Vision Star.

  • 201407.16

    Dong Nianchu, Deputy Director of Network Audio-visual Programs Management Department of SARFT, has investigated

    Dong Nianchu, Deputy Director of Network Audio-visual Programs Management Department of SARFT, has investigated and requested it to proceed with confidence, further enhance the resources integration, seize the opportunity of “exclusive broadcast”, explore the development mode of Mango TV and finally achieve the common fast development of Mango Internet videos and Mango Internet TV.

  • 201407.04

    Mango TV Pioneers H265 Online Broadcast with the Top-level Definition in the OTT Industry

    Mango Internet TV Pioneered H265 Online Broadcast with the Top-level Definition in the OTT Industry: After four-month research and development, Mango internet TV has employed H.265 online broadcast decoding technology on Jul 4th and became the first OTT platform achieving the breakthrough in this field.

  • 201407.02

    Mango TV HD Android Pad Version is Available Online

    Mango TV HD Android Pad Version is Available Online: The successful launch of Mango TV HD iPad and Android Pad Versions signified that the self-produced program of Hunan Satellite TV and the creative content as well as abundant imported programs provided by Mango TV were available for simultaneous broadcast on Mango TV PC Version and HD Pad Version. Massive content are displayed on triple screens simultaneously.

  • 201407.01

    The Total Plays of Where Are We Going, Dad? II on Mango TV Video Website Rises Up to Over 100 Million

    The Total Plays of Where Are We Going, Dad? II on Mango TV Video Website Rised Up to Over 100 Million: As of the noon on Jul 1st, the total displays of Where Are We Going, Dad? II (two episodes) were over 53.5 million and the relevant videos were played for more than 100 million times. Mango TV’s operating capability of content innovation was highly recognized by the users.

  • 201406.28

    Over 10 Million Unique Visitors Choose Mango TV

    Over 10 Million Unique Visitors Choose Mango TV: Mango TV has successfully served more than 10 million unique visitors a day, breaking the record of the website since its foundation in 2006. This was a self-breakthrough and great leap of Mango TV in its history.

  • 201406.25

    Mango Internet TV Cooperates with Hunan CATV in Mango TV VOD Service

    Mango Internet TV Cooperated with Hunan CATV in "Mango TV" VOD Service: "Mango TV" VOD Service was available within Hunan Province, serving 5 million CATV users.

  • 201406.20

    Mango internet TV Attended Comments in 2014: Chengdu IPTV & OTT Summit

    Mango Internet TV Attended “Comments in 2014: Chengdu IPTV & OTT Summit”: This summit was held with the theme of “IPTV OTT All-round Transformation and Innovation & OTT TV Developed from IPTV in the Context of Transformation and Innovation”. Mango TV has attended with its main products, AIO and TV set-up box.

  • 201406.10 is Awarded 2013 – 2014 Key Enterprise of National Culture Export was Awarded "2013 – 2014 Key Enterprise of National Culture Export":To recognize the value and results of's culture services and overseas coverage of its network videos, "Key Enterprise of National Culture Export" was conferred on the Company for its great efforts in the development of new media business (network videos, OTT, etc.), culture services and Chinese brand. It was the third time that has been awarded the title of national "Key Enterprise" in the past six years.

  • 201405.16 is Awarded Top 40 Hunan Cultural Brands was Awarded "Top 40 Hunan Cultural Brands": The Chinese cultural brand blue paper Development Report of Chinese Cultural Brand 2014 and Top 40 Hunan Cultural Brands was released officially. As the cultural brand of new media, was awarded "Top 40 Hunan Cultural Brands" and the story about its brand development was also included in Top 40 Hunan Cultural Brands.

  • 201405.15

    Mango TV Attends the 10th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair

    Mango TV Attended the 10th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair: Mango TV achieved a wonderful exhibition at the fair where Xu Yousheng, the Director of Propaganda Department and Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee, has visited and investigated the Company. Lv Huanbin, the Director of Hunan Broadcasting System, has personally demonstrated the products of Mango TV to Director Xu at the booth. Hunan Broadcasting System has made full use of the advantage on its core content at the fair where the development of media integration became the focus.

  • 201404.29 is Awarded iResearch Top 10 iVideoTracker was Awarded "iResearch Top 10 iVideoTracker": "iResearch Top 10 iVideoTracker" was conferred on the producer who owned the most top 10 programs in the ranking list as per the monitoring data of monthly plays from January 2013 to January 2014 provided by iResearch through iVideo Tracker, its monitoring product for network video market.

  • 201404.29

    Director Lv Huanbin Delivers A Speech on “Create Mango Ecosphere with Integrated Development and Host-Orientation”

    Director Lv Huanbin Delivers A Speech on “Create Mango Ecosphere with Integrated Development and Host-Orientation”:Director Lv stressed that Hunan Satellite TV possessed the complete intellectual right to its self-produced programs and all the programs would be broadcasted on Mango TV exclusively. The internet copyright of the programs would not be distributed.

  • 201404.25

    “Mango TV Exclusive Live Show” is Unfolded with the Exclusive Airing of Divas Hit the Road

    “Mango TV Exclusive Live Show” was Unfolded with the Exclusive Airing of Divas Hit the Road: "Mango TV Exclusive Broadcast" Strategy was launched when the Mango TV exclusively broadcasted Divas Hit the Road, the variety show produced by Hunan Satellite TV. The launch of this strategy represented a milestone in the transformation of the superior content from traditional medias into IP-oriented field led by Hunan Broadcasting System.

  • 201404.20

    Mango Internet Video Platform ( is Open Offically

    Mango TV Internet Video Platform was Open Offically: The brand-new Mango TV network video platform was introduced after the integration of HUNANTV.COM and Mango TV. It was known as "Mango TV" with the former domain name of HUNANTV.COM,

  • 201403.17

    Director Lv Huanbin Stresses the Enhancement on the Promotion of Mango TV Users

    Director Lv Huanbin Stressed the Enhancement on the Promotion of Mango TV Users: At the meeting held with every department from the Company and persons in charge from secondary units, Director Lv pointed out that the promotion of Mango TV users should be enhanced and every staff from the Company were supposed to be the user of Mango TV. The enforcement of copyright management was another focal point. Finally, he stressed that the input of adequate and high-quality content shall be ensured when the users of Mango TV rise up to a certain amount. "Content + Channel" was the tool to take over the market.

  • 201402.28

    Six Individual Prizes Award Presenting Ceremony of Youth Micro-Film Support Program

    Six Individual Prizes Award Presenting Ceremony of Youth Micro-Film Support Program: The Youth Micro-Film Support Program for young directors co-organized by and Mango TV ended successfully under the direction of Beijing Film Producers Association and the supervision of Wang Yuelun, a famous Chinese director. This was the first time dabbled in micro-film production and organized such an influential event in the industry as a producer and sponsor.

  • 201401.13

    Mango TV Joins Hands with Samsung in Testing the Waters of VIP Services

    Mango TV Joins Hands with Samsung in Testing the Waters of VIP Services: This VIP service package is mainly offered to Samsung AIO,including the series pruducts of F7000,F8000,F9000,etc.

  • 201401.06

    Mango Hi Q Makes its Debut

    Mango Hi Q, a brand new Internet Set-up Box, made its debut at a conference for new product introduction co-organized by Mango TV and Shenzhen Himedia.

  • Mango TV’s 2nd “Fight for Mastery” Friendship Badminton Match
    Mango TV’s 2nd “Fight for Mastery” Friendship Badminton Match

    In March, Mango TV held the Friendship Badminton Match that lasted a month. All employees joined the match and fought for the champion tile for their respective department. This match has helped enhanced the cohesion of departments and provided an opportunity for employees to demonstrate their youthful vigor.

  • The Make-up Club
    The Make-up Club

    With a series of club activities holding successfully one after another, the Make-up club also shares some lessons about beauty and discuss the topic of how to be an elegant and professional business lady.

  • I Am the Queen
    I Am the Queen

    On March 8, Mango Xiaoguanjia did something nice for the female employees of the Company. Each female employee was given a bucket of popcorn and a coke to watch the film in the cinema booked by the Company. Making meticulous preparations to celebrate each holiday, Mango Xiaoguanjia warms everyone’s heart.

  • Interactive Games Electrified the Event
    Interactive Games Electrified the Event

    For the lottery-drawing at the Annual Meeting this year, adventurous game videos were used to introduce related projects of the Company. Employees were required to answer the questions within the time limit. Those who had the right answers would split the awards for the part. All employees were actively involved to electrify the event!

  • Little Butler Foretaste Team
    Little Butler Foretaste Team

    The benefits of company work card upgrades to “Little Butler Foretaste Team”, which let part of employees have the chance to negotiate the discount of restaurants and enjoy the freely foretaste benefit.

  • Exchange

    Mango TV new and old staff exchange meeting is actually a big party, and a conflict between freshmen and seniors. They had snacks, red tea, and displayed team friendships.

  • Go Manio 2017
    Go Manio 2017

    For the 2017 Annual Meeting, Mango TV first had the MC play adventurous games as Manio and Manijo. The new form heated the whole event.

  • Sports meeting
    Sports meeting

    Mango TV represents Hunan Broadcasting System to take part in the provincial sports meeting.

  • Basketball club
    Basketball club

    To enjoy the spare time life, some basketball amateurs in Mango TV group a team. With the active organization of the leader, they often play friendly match with other companies.

  • Glorious Youth
    Glorious Youth

    Keeping the industry-leading innovative spirit of Hunan Broadcasting System alive, Mango TV has overcome difficulties and delivered marked achievements in content, product, technology, operation, advertising, media assets, hardware and credit security! The 13 innovative projects received the highest praise at the annual meeting!

  • Football Club
    Football Club

    To response the call of Labor union, the energetic football team of Mango TV takes part in the third five-player football match of Hunan Broadcasting System.

  • Employee’s welfare
    Employee’s welfare

    To improve the utilization ratio of employee’s card, the company cooperated with a number of merchants to offer many benefits of clothing, eating, and living to employees. All the staff in, as long as showing the cards, can enjoy cooperators’ special discounts.

  • Team Sports
    Team Sports

    To activate organizational culture atmosphere, all the departments conduct competitive activities in succession.

  • Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas

    Early morning on Christmas Day, Saint Claus is presenting the gifts to the staff with bursts of laughter.

  • Lecture Room
    Lecture Room

    “Lecture Room” is technically established by, which aims to become a happy base of employees’ learning, communicating, sharing, and training.

  • All-People Movement’s Month
    All-People Movement’s Month

    To emphasis on humanistic care of company and release employees’ working pressure, Mango TV launched a theme month activity called: “All-People Movement, Crazy Youth”.

  • Chopsticks love
    Chopsticks love

    November 11, a good opportunity for the single, Mango-keeper hosts an interesting party for the unmarried boys and girls.Onlythe boy exchange his lollipop for another chopstick of the pair from the girl can he has lunch.

  • Mango TV Party Branch
    Mango TV Party Branch

    To improve the common sense and be a pioneer of a Party Member, Mango TV Party Branch go to zunyi, a sacred revolutionary shrine, to investigate and study.

  • League of Legends
    League of Legends

    To relive the working pressure of employees, enrich their sparetime, improve team working ability and corporate cohesion, organized members to conducted League of Legends E-sport.

  • Glorious YearsLiterary Club
    Glorious YearsLiterary Club

    Mango TV Glorious YearsLiterary Club invites Mr. Tu Jianjun, the first 5 sessions’director of Aesthetic Education TeachingInstitute of Higher Education Academy of China, to share the human nature and human sympathy in love story with the literary amateurs.