Zhang Ruobo: Mango TV Back to Track

time:2014-05-14 16:11 editor:Betty

On Apr 20th, two big platforms subordinate to Hunan Satellite TV, Hunantv.com and Mango.TV merged into a new "Mango.TV" whole platform. The "Mango.TV whole platform" consisted of Mango.TV video website, Mango.TV mobile TV, Mango Internet, Hunan IPTV, etc., and it is operated by Hunantv.com, the wholly-owned new media company of Hunan Satellite TV. 
On Apr 25th, leading by Divas Hit the Road, the large variety show of Hunan Satellite TV exclusively broadcasted on the network during the second quarter, Mango.TV stepped into the already competitive areas of Internet video formally; the move could be said to be the most high-sounding move by broadcasting and TV department to enter the network video, and was widely read as the beginning of "fight back" by broadcasting and TV department to the commercial video websites. What did "Mango.TV" intend to do? Current issue of MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY REPORTER carried out an exclusive interview to Zhang Ruobo, Deputy General Manager of Mango.TV and General Manager of Hunantv.com, to understand the industry logic of comprehensive effort to Internet video of Hunan Broadcasting System behind the "exclusive broadcast".