Mango TV Inside Flagship Store Opened for the First Time in the Industry

time:2015-01-07 16:49 editor:Betty

On Jan 7th, the opening ceremony of online and offline brand flagship stores of Mango TV "Be Together to Share Good Times" was held ceremoniously in Fans Club of Hunan Broadcasting System. One of the hosts of Hunan Satellite TV Li Rui cheered on the site as "Star Shop Manager", Vice President of Hunan Broadcasting System and President of Nie Mei, CEO of Zhang Ruobo and a number of high-level representatives of cooperative manufacturers attended the ceremony, and announced that "Mango TV Inside" Jingdong official flagship store, the Mango TV experience shop, opened for business officially. 
As one of the seven major IPTV licensers, Mango TV was the first to establish online and offline brand shops for product display and sales guidance. Through the online display and offline experience platforms of Mango TV inside products, it established a new bridge between the terminal manufacturers and users, which is not only the first domestic IPTV products flagship store made in fans gathering place, but also the achievement show of Hunan Broadcasting System leading integrated development of new medias.