Hunan Satellite TV New Years Countdown Concert was Broadcasted on Mango TV through Five Screens

time:2015-01-01 16:41 editor:Betty

Hunan Satellite TV New Years Countdown Concert opened grandly in Guangzhou International Sports Arena at 19:30 on Dec 31st, 2014; Mango TV integrated high-quality resources of the whole platform and gave full play to the media advantages, launching five-screen network creative interactive mode for the first time in China, which created many new records in the industry. 
National Initiation: Multi-screen optional camera 360-degree interaction, another super live product, was launched after bullet screen. During the live broadcast on the same night of Hunan Satellite TV 2014-2015 New Years Countdown Concert, together with the director group of the Concert, Mango TV specially preferred five cameras with most watching value for customers, including the scene panorama / close shot, left and right sides of entry/exit of the star channel and the camera set on director car. Users can view the related special pages through, Mango TV App, Mango IPTV, Hunan IPTV and other platforms to enjoy innovative experience with independent choices, independent switching and independent direction and get a good view of all the onstage excitement and offstage stories of the New Years Countdown Concert.