10 Yuan to Take Mango Hi Q Home

time:2014-01-24 15:41 editor:Betty

On Jan 24th, a "10 Yuan to Take Mango Hi Q Home" flash sales activity was held by Hunantv.com in the main building hall of Hunan Broadcasting System. 160 "Mango Hi Q" HD set-top boxes were snapped up at seconds kill speed being at the scene of the activity, and the activity achieved a complete success. This ten Yuan purchase activity faced to the staff of Hunan Broadcasting System, aimed to strengthen the Mango.TV brand image inside the radio and television industry, let people feel and deeply realize Mango IPTV services and "Mango Hi Q" product advantages. 
The second generation of Mango. Internet TV set-top box "Mango Hi Q" is a product leading on the hardware configuration parameter and software collocation in the industry, which not only implemented a subversion of tradition in improvement of image quality, but also developed differentiated functions such as WeChat search and push, karaoke system, etc. aiming at the application habits of mobile terminals by users, in a leading position in the industry. Besides the sales activity, there will be more brand-new entertainment experience hereafter, inviting staff of Hunan Broadcasting System to experience together.